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Brilliant Bit®

Brilliant Bit 1" fine grit - Product id#: GR BB1F
Brilliant Bit 3/4" fine grit - Product id#: GR BB3/4F

Brilliant Bit 1" standard grit - Product id#: GR BB1S
Brilliant Bit 3/4" standard grit - Product id#: GR BB3/4S

Brilliant Bit 1" rapid grit - Product id#: GR BB1R
Brilliant Bit 3/4" rapid grit - Product id#: GR BB3/4R

• Precision Manufactured Solid Brass Body:
The design improves stability and resists fatigue cracks caused by vibration when grinding.
• Stainless Steel Set Screw:
Like brass, will not corrode over time.
• Proprietary Diamond Bonding Technique:
Layers of ever-lasting diamonds create uniform results.
• Affordable Quality:
The Brilliant Bit is the long lasting, affordable alternative.

• LASTS LONGER – Up to 25 holes

Glass Accessories Int’l is now distributing high quality drill bits specifically designed for boring through hard surfaces such as glass, granite, marble, quartz, ceramic and porcelain tile. The shape of the bit keeps it from “walking” when starting a hole. Designed for use in a standard drill, the GAI Speedbit features a specially formulated mix of metals and superior designed carbide tip making it last longer than its competition at a great price. Sizes available: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” (others available soon).

1/8” Speedbit
Product id#: TL GAI-SB18

3/16” Speedbit
Product id#: TL GAI-SB316

1/4” Speedbit
Product id#: TL GAI-SB14

3/8” Speedbit
Product id#: TL GAI-SB38


Toyo GAI Cutting Oil 4 oz. For Glass Cutters

Product id#: CH GAI4

GAI Cutting Oil is an odorless, synthetic lubricant specifically formulated for self-oiling glass cutters. It is non-corrosive and water soluble for easy clean up.

ZYP Boron Nitride Glass Release Spray (non-aerosol)

Product id#: CH GAI4

• Ready-to-Use Trigger Sprayer
• Water-based, Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous
• Anti-Stick/Easy Release

Boron Nitride Glass Release Spray is a water-based Boron Nitride paint. Just like the ZYP aerosol, this new easy-to-use trigger sprayer allows for uniform application of Boron Nitride paint onto most any non-glazed (i.e., bisque) surface, substrate or mold. Product may also be applied with a brush.
Hint: May be tinted with food coloring for best visibility coverage when coating bisque molds.


New molds by Creative Paradise are expected to arrive the week of August 14th. The holidays are fast approaching, time to get started on new gifts for friends and family.

NEW Round Mermaid Texture Mold
by Creative Paradise

Product id#: MO DT36
Dimensions: 10.25” (dia)

NEW Christmas Pickle
Ornament Mold

by Creative Paradise

Product id#: MO LF163
Dimensions: 3” X 5" (casting)

The Christmas Pickle is an
American tradition where a pickle is
hidden in a Christmas Tree.

NEW Skull Mask Drape
by Creative Paradise

Product id#: MO GM214
Dimensions: 3” X 5" (casting)

and the person who finds it receives
a gift or just some good fortune for
the next year.

NEW Sugar Skulls Bottle Slumper
by Creative Paradise

Product id#: MO GM213
Dimensions: 6” x 13.25"

Sheet Glass/Accessory Glass

Mosaic Variety Pack Assorted sheets, 8 per box

Product id#: UR MVP
Sheet Size: 12” x 12”

Add realism to your mosaic flower petals, foliage, and branches.
This assortment is picked specifically to add richness and drama
to mosaic projects. Packed in sturdy cardboard boxes, containing
8 pieces, 12”x12”

Exclusive purchase on Uroboros Glass Kits

FX90 Clear 3mm sheets

Product id#: UR EZA1-90
Sheet Size: 12” x 12”

Machine Rolled, 8 Pieces per box. Perfect for workshops or small projects.

FX90 Clear 2mm sheets

Product id#: UR EZ61-00-90
Sheet Size: 8.5” x 10.5”

Doubled Rolled Smooth, 8 Pieces per box. Perfect choice for jewelry making.

Thin FX90 Black 2mm sheets

Product id#: EZ61-56-90-8108
Sheet Size: 8.5” x 10.5”

Double Rolled Smooth, 8 Pieces per box. Perfect choice for jewelry making.

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